2020 CMR Stampede Quick Finish raises record funds

Art auction brings in $33,750
Thursday, July 23, 2020
2020 CMR Stampede Quick Finish raises record funds

Stanford Bronze Artist Steve Lillegard works on a cowboy bust, titled “Dust in the Wind,” which received the greatest bid at $5,000. For a bronze, the clay sculpture is used to make a mold that is replaced with wax, which is then covered with a heat-resistant ceramic material and heated until the wax burns out. Next, bronze is poured where the wax had been. Photo by Melody Montgomery

2020 CMR Stampede Quick Finish raises record funds

Auctioneer Kyle Shobe has a little fun with a welding ‘mask’ while Miss Rodeo Montana Katie Strauss displays one of the art pieces during the art auction following the Quick Finish on Saturday. Photos courtesy of Kim Hall-Holzer

2020 CMR Stampede Quick Finish raises record funds

Cartoonist Wally Badgett of Miles City creates a cow who “has been social distancin’ her whole life,” which raised $2,100 with the winning bid going to John Sampsel.

2020 CMR Stampede Quick Finish raises record funds

Stanford Artist Diana Roen paints on an agate stone to create “Wolf Butte Bed and Breakfast,” which receieved a winning bid of $1,500 from Patrick Rhodes.

When deciding whether to proceed with the 56th Annual C.M. Russell Stampede in Stanford, Stampede Club Members had a difficult to decision to make. They wanted to continue to entertain and give back to the community, but they needed to weigh this decision with safety and attendance. For example, if very few showed up, it would be difficult for the Club to recover from a financial loss.

The Stampede Club is a charitable organization that gives to groups across Judith Basin, including the libraries, community centers and community clubs, the senior centers in Judith Basin, as well as a range of student activities and even helps provide school supplies for those in need.

“We could not do these things without the support of the people in our community,” said Stampede Club Member Steve Urick, who organized the Quick Finish, with the help of others.

The Stampede Club’s 31st Quick Draw/Quick Finish brought in artists from as far as Washington and Oregon and as near as Stanford. The artists completed their works before the live, but spread out, audience milling around them.

Based on the funds raised at the Quick Finish on Saturday alone, many in the local and surrounding communities were on board. The Quick Finish alone raised a record $33,750. 

With 17 artists participating, this amounts to an average of around $2,000 per piece of artwork. 

The piece raising the greatest amount was a bronze titled “Dust in the Wind" by Stanford Sculptor Steve Lillegard. Central Drilling took this home for $5,000.

Next, a painting of an old pick-up truck with two dogs by Linda Phillips, of Oregon, went for $4,250 to Highwood Capital/Jim McCray.

The painting by Steve Oinstad, who has been awarded the Honorary Chairman’s Award of Excellence at the C.M. Russell art auction in Great Falls, was purchased by Bodner Angus for $3,500.

The painting of a horse grazing at sunset, “At the End of the Day,” by professional artist and barrel racer Donna Toavs of Stevensville went for $3,300 to R&B Seed/Bob McCray.

“No Time for Reflection,” which featured a horse and rider, by Tobias Sauer, a professional artist based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and originally from Lewistown, went for $2,100 and was purchased by Perry Joyce.

A comic piece about social distancing by Walley Badgett, a cartoonist out of Miles City, also went for $2,100 and was bought by John Sampsel. (Note: See additional purchasers below). 

“This year, it blew every thing else out of the water,” said Urick “The Quick Finish was unbelievable. It was really an exciting auction. The auctioneers, Jason and Kyle Shobe and Lyle Allen, made it so entertaining to watch.”

Attendees also enjoyed the music by Tris Munsick and Innocents, as well as a Western BBQ and a full afternoon of activities at the Judith Basin Fairgrounds, including a stickhorse rodeo for kids earlier in the afternoon. It was through the generosity of many donors that this free music event was available to be enjoyed.

Artists, paintings and purchasers

The painting “Flare Left” of an eagle by Ron Ukrainetz, a life-long artist from Great Falls, was purchased by Perry Polzin, who also purchased the painting of a fox, “Daisy” by Cliff Rossberg of Great Falls, and the three-dimensional leather work, “Eagle Eye View,” by Sandra Hiller, who is a sculptured-leather artist and harness maker from Elk, Washington.

Patrick Rhodes of Stanford/ Sidney and the son of Diana Focken, purchased two paintings. One was a cowboy and campfire painted on an agate, “Wolf Butte Bed and Breakfast,” by Diana Roen, a Stanford artist who paints at her ranch in the Little Belt Mountains. The other painting purchased by Rhodes was of a Muley Deer by Jack Cantrell, a self-taught artist who specializes in wildlife art.

The watercolor painting of sunflowers by Bob Kercher, one of the original Stampede Quick Draw artists and based in Great Falls, was purchased by RPM Ag. Kercher donated all the proceeds.

Diana Brady’s painting of the Hobson elevators, “The Sentinels,” was purchased by Wally Perrine.

Stephanie Hedrick bought the painting of a foal suckling a mare by Maggi Neal, who lives just southwest of Great Falls.

Mike Roane bought the painting "Packing In," which was pack horses painted by Judy Johnson of Lincoln.

Sasha Keller bought the painting by Andrea Murphy, a western artist from Hermiston, Ore. Murphy will even touch up the painting to make the horse look even more like Keller’s horse.

Bing VonBergen bought the painting of a rooster titled “Morning Strut” by Gaylene Fortner, who ranches with her family near Broadus, Mont.