Antonio’s Repair Shop up and running in Stanford

Thursday, August 4, 2022
Antonio’s Repair Shop up and running in Stanford

Antonio Haro recently opened an auto shop in Stanford. Business is booming for him and helps lessen the load for the other mechanics in town. Photo by Melody Montgomery

Antonio Haro, the owner of Antonio’s Auto Repair in Stanford, is staying busy, quite busy. He runs the auto shop located where 4Gs had been on Central Ave/main. It opened June 13.

“There is definitely room in Stanford for more than one auto repair shop. I was glad to see it open, especially as a multi-business owner,” said Ryan Polzin, who owns RPM Ag and the NAPA Store. “Between Skinner’s, RPM and now Antonio’s, we’re full of work.”

When 4Gs went up for auction, Antonio Haro was able to retain ownership of the business with the help of Hobson Veterinarian Lance Hughes.

The business came equipped with mechanic tools, two lifts, a tire dismount machine and balancers, said Haro.

Haro moved around the entrance a little bit, but rather than fully renovate, he went straight to work.

Seven days a week and into the evening, Haro is currently working hard to keep vehicles running.

“It’s good for the community and for the travelers,” Haro said. “I try to be here to help.”

Haro is originally from the country of Mexico. He likes being around cattle, he said. In Mexico, his grandparents have a little ranch that he would visit when growing up he said.

In the process of becoming a citizen, Haro came to the United States just after turning 18 years old.

He started out in California in the 1990s and moved to Montana a little over four-and-a-half-years ago. He came up here answering a job advertisement of Rod and Traci Mikkelsen. He worked for the Mickelson’s for four years.

“I would recommend him,” said Rod Mikkelsen. “He’s a good mechanic, and he has a good work ethic.”

Haro also offers roadside assistance when needed. For example, he recently helped Fish, Wildlife and Parks get one of their vehicles up and running again.

“So many people helped while I was opening the business,” said Haro.

He is a little surprised by how busy he is, but he is grateful.

“I’m glad to have a lot going on right now,” said Haro.