Custom-designed face coverings

Lillegard’s artwork featured on bandanas at upcoming Stampede
Thursday, July 16, 2020
Custom-designed face coverings
Custom-designed face coverings

Stampede President Matt Neumann’s daughter Guy Gavryella is ready to rodeo, bandana included. Photo courtesy of Matt Neumann and Cali Sandstrom

In a clever way to encourage attendees to cover their faces, western-themed face coverings in the form of bandanas will be available at the C.M. Russell Stampede in Stanford this coming weekend, July 18 and 19.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that appears to be transmittable by even by those without symptoms. Based on the guidance of local health officials, one easy way to limit the spread of this illness is to don a facemask to help contain the virus. Some individuals may be more comfortable wearing a bandana rather than a surgical mask.

Stanford Artist Steve Lillegard designed the artwork for bandanas as face coverings, an idea the Stampede Club proposed. Ashley Clayton of Windham had them printed for the event.

“It’s a great idea that collaborates local artists while keeping safety a priority,” said Clayton

Initially, Keon Holzer approached Lillegard with the idea of incorporating one of Lillegard’s designs into the Stampede Weekend.

“When I was a kid, Steve Lillegard’s art was the face of the Stampede Club. They even sponsored the Montana State University Blue-Gold game and had Steve’s art,” said Holzer. “In this once in a lifetime kind of deal, I approached Steve about using his art again for the event but adding a little humor.” 

The result that Lillegard came up with, which was printed onto bandanas, was a rider being thrown far away from his horse, Social Distancing tat the C.M. Russell Stampede (see art at left).

“If people will wear the bandana instead of a mask, it will serve the same purpose and be a little more fun, plus one size fits all,” said Lillegard.