Fall Wreaths

Deupree teaches the art of wreaths
Thursday, September 23, 2021
Fall Wreaths

With an array of supplies and a thoughtful instructor, attendees at Mandy Deupree's very first wreath making class each created unique home décor to greet the Fall. Photo by Melody Montgomery

Fall Wreaths

(Photo above) Attending a class on Sunday were (from left) Dawnita Sampsel, and mother-and-daughter Jane Todd and Breanna Vaskey. Photo courtesy of Mandy Deupree

Fall Wreaths

Last Saturday, Mandy Deupree (center) taught wreath decorating to her aunt Pam Walling (right) of Lewistown and her cousin Danielle Reddish, also of Lewistown. Photo by Melody Montgomery

Fall Wreaths

The grapevine wreaths provided to each attendee were beautiful alone. Simple decorations like those shown here completed them, under the guidance of Mandy Deupree and her new business Lonesome Thistle. Photo by Melody Montgomery

Fall Wreaths

Instructor Mandy Deupree offered a display of finishing touches that included carved wooden messages, ribbons, and scented sticks. Photo by Melody Montgomery

Fall Wreaths

This participant opted for a festive arrangement to celebrate childlike joy of the new season. Callie Deupree and Mandy Deupree helped balance the color scheme by suggesting the addition of a blue truck hauling pumpkins. Photo by Melody Montgomery

As a warm way to greet the Fall, last weekend Mandy Deupree applied her talents and supplied all the trimmings to host three Fall wreath making classes. They were held inside her family’s historic barn, located in the country a few miles from Windham.

Deupree decked out her barn in beautiful rustic décor, creating an inviting and warm ambiance, complete with kittens milling, chickens roosting, and her daughter Camrie introducing her rabbits to the children who came with their mothers, including a nine-month-old beautiful baby girl, AJ.

Deupree, while introducing herself to the class, explained that she wanted to utilize her barn to carve out a space for her creativity.

“With this cool barn, I wanted to fix it up to share my space, not only as my business workspace for Lonesome Thistle, but also for Montana to enjoy,” said Deupree.

She has been arranging wedding flowers for 15 years as gifts to friends and family. She is now extending her talents throughout the region by starting a new business.

Through her first wreath making classes, Deupree set out to bring together a fun gathering to celebrate friendship, community and the Fall. Deupree invested much time and care into the event. She decorated her barn interior with a rustic chandelier, Edison lights, tables, flicker candles, drapes, a refreshment table, and abundant supplies. As a finishing touch, the barn floor was carpeted with fresh wood shavings.

The ambience, with the added outside light spreading in from the slats in the barn’s wall, was her gift to those able to attend.

Her eldest daughter Callie made treats and scotch drops.

With classic rustic ambiance, Deupree set out on an old wagon an array of supplies, including velvet pumpkins, pinecones, cotton, leaves, burgundy chocolate sunflowers, lavender, cotton bolls, feathers, and more.

“I cleaned out Michaels,” Deupree said to the class. “Everything is available for you to pick from.”

To guide the class, she laid out the steps in a simple, easy-to-follow manner.

“First, think about picking out two or three base colors,” she said. “You’ll want to blend them.”

Attendees were given glass jars for the fresh cut flowers and supplies. They also each had sheers or wire cutters, floral tape and floral wire at their stations.

Deupree explained how less is more.

“With the grapevine wreaths, you really don’t need that much,” she said.

Deupree also showed attendees how to balance the arrangements so as not to overwhelm the wreath. She had additional carved wooden messages, like “Blessed” and “Grateful,” to add at the end, as well as ribbons and bows.

Lastly, scented fragrance sticks were available to add to the wreaths give a scent of Fall, combining the sensory experience and creating an end result that was both olfactory and visual.

All the wreaths were very beautiful and as individual as their decorators.

Deupree plans to further lend her taste and talent at additional wreath making classes to greet the Christmas season.

She will also be offering floral services to the public for future weddings and events, as well as monthly deliveries of fresh flowers through her business, Lonesome Thistle.