Former Geyser Coach Adsit convicted of four felonies

Student victim of sexual assault and sexual intercourse without consent in 2012
Thursday, March 19, 2020
Former Geyser Coach Adsit convicted of four felonies

Richard Adsit, Jr.

After over five hours of deliberating, a 12-person jury of Judith Basin residents found former Geyser coach Richard (Rick) Edward Adsit, Jr., guilty of four felonies. His victim was a student and player at the time of the crimes, which took place in 2012. She was under 16 years of age at the time of the events, and he would have been 36 years old at the time. Only one victim was listed.

Adsit had been charged with the following seven felonies: five counts of felony sexual assault (MCA 45-5-502) and two counts of sexual intercourse without consent (MCA 45-5-503). He was found guilty of both charges of sexual intercourse without consent, as well as guilty of two out of five charges of sexual assault.

Due to the disturbing nature of the individual offenses, details regarding these charges are not included in this article, but can be found in the court filings at the Judith Basin County Courthouse, which are public.

The trial for Adsit took place last week from March 9 – March 12 at the Judith Basin County Courthouse in Stanford.

Jury selection took place on Monday, March 9. The jury pool included 125 individuals drawn, but legal counsel for the defense and prosecution were able to gather 12 jurors plus two alternates from the first pool of 65.

The trial was scheduled as a seven-day jury trial. The jury reached a verdict at 4:23 p.m. on Thursday, March 12.

The Judith Basin County Attorney’s Office could not comment on this case due to additional pending cases related to other alleged sex offenders in Judith Basin.

Punishment and Sentencing

According to court filings, punishment for sexual assault, when the victim is less than 16 years old and the offender is three or more years older than the victim, is to be not less a than four years in a state prison (per felony) and can be up to life imprisonment, “unless the judge makes a written finding that there is good cause to impose a term of less than 4 years … or more than 100 years and be fined not more than $50,000.”

Further, the filing also states, a conviction for sexual intercourse without consent holds the punishment as above as well as “may also require the offender to pay the victim’s reasonable medical and counseling costs that result from the offense.”

Sentencing has not yet occurred. Adsit, while now a convicted felon, is free on bond until sentencing takes place, which will be reported on when it occurs.

The judge has not yet set a date for sentencing at the time this article went to print.


Almost two years ago, in May 2018, Adsit was arrested in Pennsylvania, where he was at the time employed by the Mercer County School District as their health and physical education teacher and the school’s varsity baseball coach. According to Ronald Rowe, superintendent of Mercer High School in Pennsylvania, Adsit is no longer employed at Mercer High School.

Adsit made his initial court appearance/ arraignment in Judith Basin on July 9, 2018. One year later, on July 15, 2019, he went before the judge via a video conference for an additional felony charge of sexual assault related to February 18, 2012, after a sporting event, bringing the total felony charges in this case of the State of Montana vs. Adsit to seven.

Adsit was employed at the Geyser School from September 2010 to May of 2012. At the time, Geyser was involved in a sports co-op with Stanford High School. He served as athletic director and coached girls’ basketball and boys’ football. Adsit has also worked at other schools in Montana including Reed Point High School, Savage High School and Sidney High School, according to Judith Basin County Sheriff’s Office.