Hobson’s Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department visits with seniors

Thursday, February 27, 2020
Hobson’s Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department visits with seniors

(From left) Heather Brown, Mariah Estelle and new chief Tater Erickson visit with seniors. The Fire Dept. plans to join the seniors the second Tuesday of each month. Photo courtesy of Irene Welch

Members of the Hobson Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department joined the seniors at the Judith River Senior Center for lunch earlier this week to discuss their jobs and functions, as well as inform seniors of emergency response protocols.

On Monday, Feb. 24, EMT’s Mariah Estelle and Heather Brown were accompanied the new fire chief, Tater (Shaun) Erickson. Erickson has recently taken over for retiring fire chief Bernard (Bernie) Taylor.

Erickson and his family have been active members of the community for many years.

Chief Erickson reported that there are 25 active or training members on the emergency crew’s roster. They all carry pagers for 911 calls, where they get information and directions emergency locations. They can also get texts, which can have additional information available. Their new program, called “I Will Respond,” brings them quickly to answer calls.

Hobson EMTs generally deliver most patients to Lewistown hospital for treatment.

A new Life Pack 15 machine is also available. This device measures one’s heartbeat and sends impressions to doctors and hospitals.

The department is looking into the process of getting by-laws put together. They also have more fire trucks than they have room for in their building. There are some trucks available for fires in surrounding communities. In a recent fire in the area, fire departments responded from as far away as the Malmstrom Air Force base. Volunteers train for these events regularly.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in having a ramp built on their property, they can call Nate Carr for prices and schedules.

In case of any emergency, seniors are reminded to always call 911 immediately.

Check-ups Planned

The Fire Department plans to visit the Senior Center every month on the second Thursday to give seniors a blood pressure check and test blood sugar.