Keeping their eyes on the prize

Thursday, February 27, 2020
Keeping their eyes on the prize

DGS Bearcat eighth grader Reese Von Bergen (#32) grabs an offensive rebound during the consolation game against Geraldine-Highwood at the District 8C basketball tournament Feb. 22. The Bearcats won the game, awarding them third place and allowing them to move on to the Northern C Divisional tournament for the first time since 2013. Photo by Matthew Strissel

Keeping their eyes on the prize

The DGS Bearcat girls team poses with their third-place trophy after the consolation game against the Geraldine-Highwood Rivals. The Bearcats won the game 44-40 to advance to the Northern C Divisional tournament. Photos by Matthew Strissel

Keeping their eyes on the prize

The Denton-Geyser-Stanford community pulled together for a pot-luck pep rally to send the DGS girls basketball team off to divisionals. Back row from left: Salena Kilgore, Jessica Ayers, Kara Reed, Mese Econom, Mariah Schott, Coach Glenn Todd, Keonna Cunningham, Reese Von Bergen, Allie Skelton, Coach Breanna Vaskey, Callie Donaldson. Front row from left: Adie Woodhall, Fayelee Dugan, Sydney Von Bergen, Makayla Bossen. Not pictured: Birtu Econom, Jada Erecart. Photo courtesy of Melanie Schott

Keeping their eyes on the prize

DGS senior Mariah Schott takes the ball past the Rival defense during the consolation game.

Keeping their eyes on the prize

Sydney Von Bergen races for the ball down court during the 8C District tournament.

The DGS Bearcats girls’ team is moving on to the Northern C Divisional basketball tournament for the first time in seven years after placing third at districts. “It gives us a lot of pride,” said senior Mariah Schott.

“It gives us a lot of pride,” said senior Mariah Schott. “The DGS girls haven’t been to divisionals since 2013. We’ve been working really hard, and we finally climbed that mountain. It feels really good.”

After narrowly defeating the Geraldine-Highwood Rivals 41-38 in the opening round, they went on to face the extremely tough Roy-Winifred Outlaws in the semifinal game. They lost 64-19.

Determined to climb the ladder, DGS played their first loser out game against Centerville, winning 54-38.

“We worked hard this year and that hard work definitely paid off,” said DGS junior Sydney Von Bergen.

After beating Centerville, the Bearcats moved on to the consolation game. The winner would take third place and on to divisionals. The losing team’s season would end.

Their opponents were familiar. They had to once again play Geraldine-Highwood, who they barely beat earlier in the tournament and went 1-1 with during the regular season. They once again beat the Rivals, this time 44-40.

“That close game against Geraldine-Highwood proved we don’t give up easily, and we are going to keep working to get the win,” said Schott. “We came into the tournament with that goal of making it past districts. We kept that goal in mind and came out every game playing hard.”

Getting third place is a big achievement for the Bearcats, especially considering how the team has improved over the past few years, and even this season.

“We were last in our district three years ago,” said DGS junior Adie Woodhall. “Now we’re going on to divisionals, so we’re hyped about it. We had our eyes on the prize. We knew we would be disappointed in ourselves if we didn’t make it out of districts.”

Looking ahead, Sydney Von Bergen said they need to come into the divisional tournament playing an aggressive game. She said playing in front of larger crowds during tournament season is not as nerve-wracking as it seems.

“You get used to it,” Von Bergen said. The anticipation is the worst part. But once you step out on the court, it’s just another game.”

The Bearcats played Hays-Lodgepole, another team that has not seen a divisional game in a number of years, in the first round of divisionals. Game time was Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m., after the printing deadline for the JB Press.

DGS boys’ team

The District tournament didn’t go as well as the Bearcat boys' team had hoped. They took fourth place, just one spot away from advancing.

The Bearcats fell to the Centerville Miners by just one point in their opening game, 60-59. But it wasn’t for a lack of effort. The Bearcats were winning at the end of the first quarter, but the second quarter saw the Miners pull ahead.

The fourth quarter, the Bearcats began to claw their way back into the game.

Parker Donaldson had 21 points, nine of them coming in the fourth quarter. Dylan Taylor had 17 points, half came in the third quarter and Kein Carpenter had 11 points, with six of them in the second quarter.

Although they outscored the miners 15-9 in that quarter, they were still forced to move to the loser out bracket.

Next, the Bearcats faced off against their local rival, the Tri-City Titans. The Bearcats defeated the Titans 62-55.

Both Dylan Taylor and Parker Donaldson each had 22 points in the game. Arik Ayers also had a double-digit score with 12.

The consolation game next saw the Bearcats play against a familiar face, the Centerville Miners.

Unfortunately for the Bearcats, the game didn’t go their way. They lost to the Miners again, this time by ten points at 49-39.

Scoring leaders for the game were Parker Donaldson with 10 points and Ace Becker with 10 points.

Regardless of not advancing, fourth place is a good showing for one of the toughest districts in the league.

Tri-City girls’ team

Both the Tri-City boys and girls had a tough draw this tournament. They each finished the season in fourth place, giving them a bye into the semi-final game. That may seem like a good thing, but it almost guarantees the team will be facing the no. 1 team in the conference. Added to that, they skip the first round, so the Titans were forced to come into the semi-final game cold against a team that had already dominated their firstround game.

The Titans faced off against the top-ranked Belt Huskies for their first game. They lost 63-21.

Scoring for the Titans in the game were Danielle Horan with six points, Kinsey Warner with six, Madison Deupree with five and Dakota Auck with four points.

The Titans moved to the loser-out bracket to play against the Geraldine-Highwood Rivals. Unfortunately for the Titans, they lost that game 48-32 and were knocked out of the tournament.

Scoring for the Titans in this game were Elizabeth Hickey with 10 points, Danielle Horan with nine, Madison Deupree with six, Dakota Auck with four and Kinsey Warner with three.

Tri-City boys’ team

Same as the girls’ team, the Titan boys had a bye in the first round and had to face the no. 1 team Belt Huskies in the semi-finals, going in cold. The Titans put up a great fight, but ultimately lost the game 57-46.

The Titans ended the first quarter down by just two points and finished the first half down by only four points against the powerhouse Huskies. But Belt ran away with the score in the second half to win the game.

Scoring leaders for the Titans were Matthew Eike with 11 points, Max Tyler with 10, Rowdy Smith with nine, Zack Thomas and Carson Stevenson each with eight points.

Moving on to the loser-out bracket, the Titans faced the DGS Bearcats. The winner would move on to the consolation game, the losing team would be out of the tournament. In this case, Tri-City was defeated 62-55.

The Titans put up a massive fight for the game. Carson Stevenson had 21 points from two 3-pointers, three field goals and going 9-for-11 at the free-throw line. Matthew Eike also had double-digit points with 17. Most of them came from the fourth quarter, where he hit three 3-pointers, a field goal and a free throw in that quarter alone.

The Titans will look to come back next year with energy and hopefully make it past this tough district.

Other teams moving on to the Northern C Divisional tournament are the Belt Huskies boys and girls teams, the Roy-Winifred Outlaws boys and girls teams, the DGS girls and Centerville boys.

The Northern C Division is a really tough tournament. Seven of the last 10 state champions have come from the division.