Montana Saddle Club Association Jr. Princess Miranda Milburn

Thursday, September 23, 2021
Montana Saddle Club Association Jr. Princess Miranda Milburn

Miranda Milburn is not only the 2021-2022 Montana Saddle Club Association Junior Princess, she is a manager for the DGS volleyball team. She has also managed the basketball team and will begin playing this year as a fifth grader. Photos courtesy of Amber Milburn

Montana Saddle Club Association Jr. Princess Miranda Milburn

As part of being awarded MSCA 2021 - 2022 Junior Princess, Miranda Milburn received a crown, buckle and other awards from the Montana Saddle Club Association.

What 11-year-old Miranda Milburn loves most about horses is their personalities, but there is so much to love. It’s not easy to pick, she said.

Her love for horses is clear, and her understanding of them is intuitive.

“Once you start riding horses and working with them, you form a strong bond. You need to trust them because they kind of feel your emotions. If you’re scared, they are going to feel that, too, and they will get super nervous,” said the Stanford fifth grader. “If you get angry or frustrated and try to do a lot of things at once, they won’t know what to do.”

Through her understanding, dedication and family’s support, Miranda was recently crowned the 2021-2022 Montana Saddle Club Association Junior Princess at State Omoksee in Billings in early September.

For the past couple years, Miranda has implored her parents for a chance to earn the title. This year Miranda’s parents, Jeremy and Amber Milburn, finally said ok.

“The event allows you too learn what Omoksee is all about,” Miranda explained.

Omoksee is a timed event sport for western horse riders. The State Omoksee is a three-day event.

“To become the junior princess, you compete in a bunch of different events on horses,” she said. “You work in the arena, sell 50/50 tickets, and talk to people and tell them what State Omoksee is all about.”

Miranda also gave a speech, decorated her stall and attended individual camps.

The events are divided by age group, for which Miranda’s was age 8-11. Miranda placed in three out of five events.

“She had such an incredible weekend with amazing people,” said her mother Amber. “She was exhausted, but had so much fun … None of it would have been possible without her amazing dad and her Omoksee family.”

Miranda also competed at the Montana 4-H State Working Ranch Horse Finals in Vaughn in August. She won third Overall for Level I.

Miranda often rides with her father, she said. Horses are a common thread among her immediate family and beyond.

The Milburns have six horses at their multigenerational family ranch west of Geyser in the foothills of the Highwood Mountains.

Miranda’s event horse is a Paint named Sissy. She also rides their horse named Red at the ranch to move and work cattle, and is using him to learn to rope.

Miranda’s older sister, Mckenzi, has a horse named Lexi. Their father Jeremy rides Tee, and their mother Amber will ride Hurley in time, but Hurley is green still and only two years old at the present, Miranda said. Lastly, the Milburns have a 21-year-old horse named Patches.

“Twenty-one is super old for a horse,” said Miranda.

In addition to Western riding, Miranda has begun to learn English riding.

“I just started this year,” she said.

Miranda will not have another Omoksee event for some time, but she is staying busy. After school, she and her friend and classmate Kady Myllymaki are managers for the DGS volleyball team. Miranda’s older sister Mckenzi is on the team. Miranda not only gets to watch and cheer on her sister, she also has something fun to do after school.

“I like being a part of it and supporting the team,” said Miranda.