String of thefts in Judith Basin

Nancy’s County Market robbed last week
Thursday, March 12, 2020
String of thefts in Judith Basin

Sometime in the late hours of March 4 or early hours of March 5, Nancy’s Country Market was broken into. This building was Hobson’s first hotel and now a key part of the community as its only general store.

Owner Nancy Epkes arrived at her friendly store Thursday morning, March 5, to find glass shattered and scattered throughout her store.

The items taken were cigarettes and beer, and not just any brand. The criminals opted for Marlboro cigarettes and Busch, Busch Light and Budweiser, approximately $800 worth, Epkes estimates.

“You think you are safe in a small town, but you aren’t,” said Epkes. “I just hope it isn’t someone we know. It’s such a terrible feeling.”

Epkes takes pride in her establishment and its role in the community.

“I opened up the store in May of 1988. My kids were small and were pretty much raised in the store at first underfoot and then helping with stocking chores and eventually waiting on customers,” said Epkes.

Nancy’s Country Market Was only burglarized one time before, around io years ago. Beer and cigarettes were also stolen at that time.

The Sheriff’s department was able to get some fingerprints off the beer cooler and front door. The investigation is ongoing.

Additional thefts

There appear to be a string of thefts in Judith Basin as of late.

Two thefts occurred in Stanford on March 3 alone, according to the March 4 Sheriffs Report and an attempted break-in in Geyser on March io.

The Sheriff’s Office posted the following statement on social media. “There have been several thefts in Judith Basin County, most recently in the Stanford area. I suggest that any valuables be removed from vehicles and secured indoors, and garages, shops, sheds, and houses should be locked.”

Contact the Sheriff’s Office

If anyone has information on these, or any other crimes, please contact the Judith Basin Sheriffs Office at 566-2212.