Word on the Street

“How have the recent changes in the status of the coronavirus, like confirmed cases in Montana and school closures, affected D’s Supermarket these past couple days?”
Thursday, March 19, 2020
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“Of course, we’re out of most of the paper products. We’ve double ordered, and we’re hoping to get at least some of those in. It’s the same case for hand sanitizer and any kind of disinfectant. We’re hard hit on produce and baking goods. We’re completely out of flour, and very low on baking items like sugar. We have some, but not a lot. We’ve had a run on dairy and eggs. Basically everything that is a staple, we’re low on.”

~ Gail Ledbetter

Word on the Street

“It’s been mayhem. We’re extremely busy. There’s been a constant, steady stream of people coming in, and it’s not just small orders. They’re big orders.”

~ Melissa Olson Pollari

Word on the Street

“The shelves are becoming empty. They’re not empty, but people are really stocking up on everything, including myself. I bought two things of coffee. I don’t want to run out. It’s not that I think I am going to be quarantined, but if we run out of coffee, I want to have a little bit at my house, and that’s causing the problem.”

~ B.J. Parker

Word on the Street

“It’s just been going crazy. I feel like it’s kind of like an ‘end of the world’ type of deal. Everybody’s just trying to stock up. I get it, but you just have to moderate. That’s all you have to do. Moderate. Wash your hands. Wash your face.”

~ Chris Morrow

Word on the Street

“There are less items on the shelves. Mainly paper towels and toilet paper, disinfectant wipes. Things like that.”

~ Todd Morrow

Editor’s Note: Thank you to the hard-working employees at D’s Supermarket for all they do for the community and for staying cheerful during this time, all the while maintaining the shelves and assisting a steady stream of customers.

Photos by Melody Montgomery